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Last Updated 24 May 20 15:35 GMT
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Cut-Off 01 Jan 70 : GMT
Total Entries 78

ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2008

Today's action comes from the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2008.

Chris Holley's Chrisholleyuk tops the scoresheets today adding 2344 points to his tally and jumping to 12th in the overall standings.

We have a new leader in Emilio S's WRC legends. Emilio has been there or there abouts throughout this competition but this is the first opportunity to take the top step on the podium. Our previous leader Martin H is knocked back to second place, and Markus K's Corner Racing Team edges up to a season high of 3rd.

It's Australia next up on Tuesday.

Sunday 17th May 2020 16:16:24 pm GMT

Neste Oil Rally Finland 2012

Today's featured rally is the Neste Oil Rally Finland 2012.

Top of the class today was Jame Haugh's Stewartry Rally Team who notched up 1913 points today. James jumps 20 places to 27th in the overall standings.

Martyn H's H-SPORT WRT stays top - the lead reduced to 536 points over Emilio S's WRC legends. Edgar Carballo Gil's EcClassicsTeam drops back to third.

It's Germany next on Sunday.

Friday 15th May 2020 17:44:18 pm GMT

Smokefree Rally New Zealand 1997

Today's featured rally is the Smokefree Rally New Zealand 1997.

Markus K's Corner Racing Team and Gordon Clendinning's GCM WRC LEGENDS win the day as they each add 2075 to their tally. They move up to 4th and 7th respectively in the overall league standings.

Still top - Martin H's H-SPORT WRT now 1288 points clear. Edgar Carballo Gil's EcClassicsTeam moves back to second at the expense of Emilio S's WRC_legends now in third.

It's Finland next up on Friday. Unfortunately I don't have any stats available for Finland so you get no help from me this time!.

Wednesday 13th May 2020 15:13:45 pm GMT

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