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Status Closed
Last Updated 24 May 20 15:35 GMT
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Cut-Off 01 Jan 70 : GMT
Total Entries 78

Round 13 - Italy

Italy next. We'll be picking one of the following rallies for this round on Saturday;

    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 1992
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 1994
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 1996
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 1998
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 2000
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 2001
    Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia 2002
    Supermag Rally Italia Sardinia 2004
    Rally d'Italia Sardegna 2006
    Rally d'Italia Sardegna 2009
    Rally d'Italia Sardegna 2011
    Rally Italia Sardegna 2014
    Rally Italia Sardegna 2015
    Rally Italia Sardegna 2016
    Rally Italia Sardegna 2017
    Rally Italia Sardegna 2018

Thursday 21st May 2020 16:32:31 pm GMT

RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada 2019

Today's event is the RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada 2019.

Top scorer today was Andrew Grimes's WRCLimerick. Andrew jumps to the top of the overall league standings with todays score of 2497.

Martin H's H-SPORT WRT loses the lead but is just 420 points back in second, Emilio S's WRC_legends a further 856 points off the lead pace.

Thursday 21st May 2020 16:19:45 pm GMT

Telecom Rally Australia 1993

Today's selected rally is the Telecom Rally Australia 1993.

Late starters win the day. Ryan M's RM Rallying and Gordon Clendenning's second entry GCM WRC LEGENDS B each notch up an impressive 2773 points today, so give yourselves a pat on the back. As both entries were late, neither will be troubling those at the top end of the table.

Martin H's H-SPORT WRT was only briefly knocked out of top spot and returns to a position he's held after 6 of our rallies. Emilio S's WRC legends drops back to second and Andrew Grimes's WRCLimerick hits a season high third.

It's Spain next up on Thursday.

Tuesday 19th May 2020 15:57:43 pm GMT

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